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No More Stock Market Losses...Ever

Do the crazy happenings on wall street scare you? Has your broker been unable to stop your investment from shrinking? Tired of paying an adviser to lose your money? Do you think you must invest in the market to benefit when the market rebounds?

There are solutions to all these problems! You can have a certain and safe place to put your nest egg without giving up competitive returns.

There is vehicle that provides the following features:

  • Insured safety of all your principal Insured safety of all your previous gains
  • Tax deferral
  • By passes probate
  • No brokerage fees or front end loads
  • Growth based on stock market index
  • Lifetime guaranteed income stream (if you choose it)
  • Systematic withdrawal, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Possibility of very competitive growth
  • This is a very exciting product category, being offered through several very good companies.

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