Retirement Plans For Small Business

Welcome small business owners. Here at Fullam Insurance, we offer a great option as far as retirement plans for you and your employees (if you have any).

Many businesses from a single person sole proprietor to a concern with 25 employees or more are harnessed with high costs of administration in retirement plan fees.

For a no cost evaluation, we can show you how you may be able to improve your tax structure to take advantage of the retirement plan tax law changes in recent years as well as cut the recurring fees of administration.

If you would like to keep your paperwork as simple as possible, costs as low as you can and give you and your employees great investment choices, contact us here at Fullam Insurance.

If you are losing dollars to unneeded fees and taxes, you will lose those dollars forever. When we help you retain those dollars, you can also gain the benefit of all the earnings they may profit you for the rest of your life.  

Give us a call at 828-242-5710 for friendly, professional help.